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Review and Planning

  • When you visit us for the first time we will carefully review your condition and will fill-in your patient record card.  Please, bring a recent panoramic radiograph*. We will take a series of photographs and will make a short video. We need all these in order to analyze the situation and make a digital design of your smile. 

    After we study the results from the medical imaging, the photo and video materials we will make a preliminary treatment plan, which we will present to you in detail. We will discuss with you the different stages, the selection of materials and the price of the treatment. 

    In the end of this first meeting you pay only the consultation price and can take your decision about your treatment in our clinic.

     The next step is making a wax project of your future teeth. With its help and through video stimulation you will have the possibility to see before the treatment has started. This is the moment when each patient approves their treatment plan and we calculate the final price.

    * There is an x-ray lab near our clinic: Dental X Lab, 60 Rodopski izvor str.;



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