лечение със зъбни импланти

All on 4

In 2003 the famous professor and father of modern dental implantology Ingvar Brånemark from Gothenburg, Sweden, declared: “It is a shame in the XXI century people to go to bed in the evening with their teeth sitting in a glass of water”.

The modern trend for treatment using dental implants is based on using the fewest possible number of implants. For example: with 6 implants optimally 12 teeth can be reconstructed. A prerequisite for this is there to be possibility for the implants to be implanted in the so called functional center – the first molar of the patient which in many cases is not possible.  

Namely this fact gives reasons to the talented dentist from Lisbon Paulo Maló to develop the methodology called All on 4 in cooperation with Nobel Biocare.

All on 4 or “everything on four implants” gives an opportunity for finding a solution in complex situations in the most elegant possible way – without sinus lift and synthetic bone grafts. That way the risks, the time and the final price for the treatment are reduced. Apart from all this the patients do not remain a single day without teeth.

Amongst the biggest advantages of this innovative treatment method is the possibility the bridge to be removed if necessary (it is screwed in, not cemented), corrections to be made on it and after that to be placed on the implants without being destroyed, saving the discomfort of staying without teeth for a certain period of time.

Our two-year experience shows that this methodology is not easy to perform and must not be underestimated. In order to be applied the special three-part implants of Nobel Biocare (implantMulti Unit and temporary abutment) are obligatory. It is necessary specializations in clinics with experience and expertise in this difficult area of dental implantology to be carried out, since the technique for putting an All on 4 implants and the follow-up grafting have nothing in common with putting implants in standard implantology.

In the last two years in Denta Consult Clinic was completed the treatment of tens of cases using the All on 4 method.

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