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„All the patients have one and the same desire – not to be patients.” An author of this phrase is probably a man who has even just once suffered from pulpitis. Let’s be realistic, nobody wants to visit their dentist too often. You may be surprised but in this case we as dentists are in the same opinion. Our final goal is you to be healthy and our meetings to be only with the purpose of prophylactics. 

How can this be achieved? 

Firstly, with a minimum number of visits. This means that we make our best to spend more time on making the greatest possible number of procedures. Thus we ourselves are more effective and you save time and money. Here is an example: when treating caries in Denta Consult we don’t use the well-known „medicine” (that medicine with the persistent taste, the medicine they used to fill your tooth with and made you come at least two or three times for replacement before you finally got your filling). We strive for another approach: we work in ideally clean environment (with the help of a special insolation sheet), obligatory under magnification (under a microscope or a magnifying glass) and we use one of the most contemporary adhesive systems. All this allows us to complete the treatment of your tooth at your first visit. 

Secondly, through comprehensive treatment approach. We are unconditional that this is the one-way road to health and beauty. The implants, veneers and root canal treatment – all these are part of a global plan whose final goal is your recovery.



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