Root canal treatment



There is nothing better than your natural teeth. That is why our approach is always to strive to preserve them.


What does the treatment of teeth roots constitute?

Root canal treatment also called endodontic treatment, has to be done when the dental pulp (dental nerve) is affected by a deep caries or infection. During treatment dental pulp is removed, the root canal system of the tooth is cleaned, sterilized and filled.  

Why is endodontic treatment so important?

It is directly related to life expectancy of each tooth. The correctly carried out root canal treatment allows for the tooth to continue to be effectively used in chewing after the pulp is being removed.

How is the treatment carried out and how long does it take?

Depending on the situation the procedure takes between one and two hours and can be completed within one or several visits. In Denta Consult root canal canal treatment is carried out under a microscope by a specialist – endodontist.  This gives us an opportunity to be more precise especially with more complex cases like perforation of the tooth, removing broken instruments from the root canals, difficult anatomy and other. The whole treatment is carried out under rubber dam isolation which keeps the working environment sterile. The radiographic control allows us to see the result immediately after completing the procedure.

Is there any pain?

The treatment is carried out under anesthesia and is completely painless. After the treatment the tooth can have slight sensitivity which subsides for up to three days.

Should I bring with me a radiographic image?

It is not obligatory. In case you have an image of the tooth you can take it with you. It will give your dentist additional information. If you don’t have any we shall make a radiographic picture of the tooth here.

What is the price of root treatment?

The price of root treatment is between BGN 150 and BGN 450, depending on the treated tooth.

What are the other options in case of failure?

The tooth can be treated again or an alternative can be chosen, e.g. dental implant. You can find more information here.тук.


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