Dental health


Restoration of dental health


The second stage is the one of restoration of health in the mouth cavity. First we will take care of all biological problems: caries, dental plaque, inflammation, periodontal and gingival problems, etc. Then we will take care of the functional problems – jaw correction, the right position of the jaw and the muscle balance, we will also remove the structural problems – we will put implants on the place of the missing teeth or will carry out orthodontic treatment in order to restore their correct position.


When completing this stage the patients’ teeth are functionally stable and structurally strong and these are the conditions necessary for the next stage – the one of the aesthetic corrections. Patients who have no interest or no need to have their appearance improved can finish their treatment at this stage.



Implants completely substitute natural teeth. Their role is to restore the function and the aesthetics in cases when there are one or more teeth missing. The implant consists of three parts: titanium screw, analogue of tooth root, abutment – replacing the tooth neck, and a crown – the visible part of the tooth.

Periodontal health

The periodontal treatment has for its purpose to restore the biological health or the aesthetics in the mouth cavity.

Root canal treatment

There is nothing better than your natural teeth. That is why our approach is always to strive to preserve them.

Conservative restoration of teeth

As a result of caries growth part of the tooth tissues are being destroyed. The best way for them to be restored is by imitating what the nature has created.

Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment, better known as the treatment with braces, has the purpose to restore the harmony between the position and the function of the teeth within the chewing apparatus which leads to significant visual change and improvement of the look of patients.

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