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Periodontal health

What you should know?

The periodontal treatment has for its purpose to restore the biological health or the aesthetics in the mouth cavity.

Periodontal diseases

Periodontal diseases depending on the affected parts of the tissues around the tooth, are divided in two main types: gingivitis – gums disease and periodontitis which encompasses not only the gum but also the bone around the tooth.


Among the most frequent symptoms of the disease are swollen gums and bleeding from the gums. Gingivitis can develop without specific complaints, because of which prophylactics is extremely important. If not treated, the disease can affect the bone around the tooth and grow into periodontitis. Gingivitis is completely reversible condition if treated on time. The therapy includes removal of the bacterial plague and overcoming of the bad hygienic habits.


Periodontitis, also known as “pyorrhea”, is a chronic degenerative disease of the tissues around the teeth – gums, bone and periodontal connections around the tooth. Periodontal treatment covers the soft tissues around the affected tooth. The therapy includes removal of bacterial plague and periodontal pockets.

Reasons for periodontal diseases

Periodontitis is caused by a complex of factors. Apart from bacteria affecting the soft tissues these are the heredity, the bad habits – smoking, bad oral hygiene, problems with feeding or other dental diseases.


  • Problems with the gums – inflamed and bleeding gums
  • Bad taste and unpleasant smell in the mouth
  • Mobility of the teeth
  • Gum recession


Over 70% of the cases are treated non-surgically. In some heavier conditions surgical manipulations like tooth extraction, putting an implant or restoration with pink ceramics, imitating the gum are necessary.


The good oral hygiene is of paramount importance. The patients must give up the bad habits which can lead to aggravation of the disease – to give up smoking and to undergo at least three professional tooth cleanings each year.

Periodontal plastic surgery

Periodontal plastic surgery includes a series of micro-surgical interventions which restore the harmony and health of gums. When the teeth look too long or too short as well as if they are different size remodeling of the gums is required. Gingival health is of paramount significance for achieving a natural look of the smile.

Gingival graft

Gingival graft (or connective tissue graft) is grafting a small volume of tissue in the cases of gums recession or when there is a lack of tissues. Through it the aesthetic of the smile is improved when the root of the tooth is open or the gum is unaesthetically coloured. Tissue for the graft is most often taken from the palate. The operation is done under local anesthesia and is completely painless. Depending on the complexity it can continue from half an hour to several hours. The final recovery is after eight weeks.

Gingivectomia and dental crown elongation

Gingivectomia and dental crown elongation are procedures in which gum is removed where it is in excess. The procedure is simplified, the healing process is fast and there is an immediate aesthetic effect.  The period of gum healing is from 10 to 14 days. In many cases in order to achieve a long term result it is necessary the underlying bone to be reconstructed. In elongation of the clinical crown the healing process lasts eight weeks.

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