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Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment, better known as the treatment with braces, has the purpose to restore the harmony between the position and the function of the teeth within the chewing apparatus which leads to significant visual change and improvement of the look of patients.  

With orthodontic treatment problems related to the correct position of the teeth and the jaw as well as problems with the temporomandibular joint are being solved. This is one of the most effective instruments in aesthetic dental medicine and is applied both individually and in combination with another kind of treatments, if the case is more complex or a way for minimally invasive treatment is sought. 

Six Months Smile (6MS) – fast solution for adult patients 

6MS is an alternative of the conventional orthodontic treatment. It treats only problems in the aesthetic area (visible part of the smile) and the time period for wearing braces is 6 months. The system is suitable for treating of adult patients only and is created to meet their requirements and needs – to be fast and discreet. All the elements in the system – from the braces to the wires are made in the colour of the teeth, so that the patient should not be embarrassed wearing them.




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