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What you should know for the dental implants

Implants completely substitute natural teeth. Their role is to restore the function and the aesthetics in cases when there are one or more teeth missing. The implant consists of three parts: titanium screw, analogue of tooth root, abutment – replacing the tooth neck, and a crown – the visible part of the tooth.

Successfully placed implant gives you the confidence to smile and bite an apple without any discomfort and embarrassment. 

What are the stages of implant treatment?

I stage: Review and planning

The best position of the implant depends on the ideal position of the future tooth. That is why we first fix the position of the teeth and after that we determine the size and the type of the implants which we will put.

Irrespective of whether the implants are one or more, the planning is fundamental. Just like when building a house – an architectural plan must be drawn up first. When treating with implants this plan is the Digital Smile Design, in which the implants are the columns of the future dental structure.

The patient must undergo a cone-beam computer tomography (CBCT)* - an x-ray examination which provides a three-dimensional image of the bone. Only that way we can make a quality morphological analysis and establish the ideal position of the teeth through Digital Smile Design. The information collected from the analysis of the 3D examination and the DSD gives us a possibility to design the teeth and foresee what additional surgical interventions will be necessary.

* There is an x-ray laboratory near our clinic: Dental X Lab, 60 Rodopski izvor str.; 

How does the first visit look like?

Each first visit begins with comprehensive discourse with the patient. It is important for us to know in details what your expectations are as well as to tell you in detail what is ahead.

What follows are the first examination and making all the necessary tests: x-ray images (panoramic radiograph), cone-beam computer tomography (CBCT), taking photos and models.

Based on this information we will prepare a treatment plan which will be presented to you within one week. Denta Consult is one of the few clinics in Bulgaria where video simulation of the future smile is also made by Digital Smile Design. The digital design gives the patients a possibility to see the end result of our work in the very beginning.

II stage: Surgical  

The surgical stage is the implanting of the titanium screw in the jawbone. From now on this screw will play the role of an artificial root of the future tooth. If more than one tooth is being restored the implant becomes one of the supporting columns of the whole dental structure.

The surgical stage is performed under local anesthesia and is completely painless. When more than one implants are implanted it is possible they all to be implanted within one visit. During the surgical intervention all other additional procedures like bone substitution, soft tissue grafting or surgical lifting of the maxillary sinus are performed.

The sutures are removed from 10 to 14 days after the surgery and the patient is with temporary teeth till the end of the period of implant osseointegration – usually about 12 weeks. 

III stage: Prosthetic

This is the stage in which the crown/dental structure is placed on the titanium screw implanted in the jawbone.    

Dental implants maintenance

The restored by implants teeth are maintained like the natural teeth by daily hygiene in the mouth cavity. Our recommendation is to have prophylactic examinations twice a year for professional cleaning of the teeth and, if necessary, for check-up radiographies.  

Frequently asked questions 

What are the indications for treatment with dental implant?

Dental implants can be implanted in the cases in which there are one or more teeth missing.

Are there cases in which implants cannot be used?

The contraindications are related with risk conditions – for example health problems like uncontrolled diabetes, osteoporosis etc.  

How can I know if there is enough bone for implanting an implant?

The only way is by cone-beam computer tomography - CBCT. This test allows making a precise analysis of the bone and choosing the most appropriate implant.

What happens if I don’t have enough bone?

There are different alternatives for substituting and modelling missing bone in such a way that sufficient volume for placing one or several implants to be provided.   

I have an implant, done in another clinic but I want to complete my treatment in Denta Consult. Is this possible?

Yes, there is such a possibility. It is necessary to know what the kind and the size of the implanted implant are. This information can be provided to you by the dentist who has implanted the implant.

What is the price of one implant?

The price of one dental implant starts from BGN 1150.

Is there a possibility my body to reject the implant? Can I be allergic to it?

The implants are made of titanium alloy. It is used in orthopaedy for more than 50 years now. For this period of time the cases of rejection or allergy to titanium are extremely rare.

What is the procedure in the cases of rejection of an implant?

The titanium screw is removed, it is waited for a period of six months for the bone to recover and a new implant is implanted. The price of the treatment and implanting the new implant is covered entirely by Denta Consult in case the problem is during period of osseointegration.



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