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Conservative restoration of teeth

Conservative restoration of teeth

As a result of caries growth part of the tooth tissues are being destroyed.  The best way for them to be restored is by imitating what the nature has created.

Teeth have beautiful and well-pronounced relief, which role is to help with biting and chewing food. Caries and other diseases are the reason for the relief and the shape of the tooth to get lost which makes the overall function of the tooth and the chewing apparatus hard. In Denta Consult we value everything created by nature because it unites the shape with the function in a perfect way. That is why when we restore a destroyed tooth we are led by the following principles:

  1. Minimal invasion – we preserve every healthy tissue of the tooth. We aim to minimum preparation of the teeth, e.g. less working with the “drill” – only there where it is necessary.
  2. Restoration of the original shape and relief of the tooth. This can be achieved in two ways depending on the case:

Directly – by applying composite

Case 1


Case 2



Indirectly – by being made in a dental laboratory by a dental technician

Case 1


Case 2


  1. Precise workmanship. Here to our assistance come the magnifying glasses, the microscope and the dam, which is placed around the teeth and has to provide clean and sterile work environment. In Denta Consult we insist on observing strict adhesive protocol when applying composite on the tooth.




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