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Whitening is a non-invasive procedure which leads to a change of the teeth colour to a lighter/whiter one. The results of whitening are different, depending on the structure of the tooth and the reason for its colouring. The most frequently achieved result is white teeth, 2-3 tones whiter. The procedure is appropriate for patients at any age, and the only condition is for them to have their natural teeth. The whitening does not lead to a change in the colour of composite restorations (fillings), crowns and veneers. The result lasts between 2 and 5 years depending on the diet and hygiene of the patient. 

What does the procedure include? 

  1. First we identify the reason for the darker colour of the teeth and are there any indications for whitening procedures.  
  2. We do a professional teeth cleaning. It is obligatory irrespective of the selected method of whitening.
  3. We begin applying special whitening agents.  During their action they release active oxygen that is why it is extremely important the whole procedure to be carried out under medical control.  
  4. Weekly visit in the clinic for motoring the colour and the course of whitening. When the desired result is achieved, whitening procedures are discontinued. 

An alternative with a permanent result 

Ceramic veneers are minimally invasive alternative of the whitening procedures and they have permanent result and give the freedom of choice how white your teeth shall be. This alternative is recommended in case the patient has a lot of composite restorations (fillings) on the front teeth, as well as in situations of a very dark colour of the natural teeth which does not react to the whitening and the desired result cannot be achieved. Then SKYN veneers can be used to re-create the same shape of the teeth but with the desired whiter colour. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is whitening harmful for the teeth?

Whitening is completely harmless provided the instructions are strictly followed and the procedure is done under medical control. 

How much time is necessary for the desired result to be achieved?

Depending on the reasons for the change of tooth enamel colour and the degree of coloring, whitening can continue between 2 and 6 months. 

Can crowns, veneers or composite restorations be whitened?

Only natural teeth are subject to whitening. In the cases with a lot of composite restorations of the front teeth it is desirable ceramic veneers to be placed so that whiter colour of the teeth is achieved. 

How long does the effect of the whitening last?

The effect of the whitening lasts from 2 to 5 years depending on the patient’s hygiene habits and diet.  For achieving optimal result good oral hygiene, regular prophylactic check-ups every 6 months, giving up smoking and reducing the intake of pigmenting food and drinks – coffee, red wine, red berries etc. is recommended. 

Is the whitening procedure related with pain?

Whitening is completely painless. It is only possible for sensitivity of the teeth to appear. In these cases the procedure is discontinued and remineralization product is applied. 

What are the alternatives of whitening with agents?

Ceramic veneers and SKYN veneers are an alternative of the chemical whitening with long-term effect. 

What is the price of the whitening procedure?

The price of the most frequently used method for whitening of natural teeth is BGN 300.

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