лечение със зъбни импланти

SKYN concept

SKYN concept is one of the most contemporary philosophies for making veneers, crowns and other ceramic structures which copy in detail the shape and the texture of the natural teeth. It is based on the concept that there is no greater perfection than imperfection which nature has created. From the special gallery with models of natural teeth we chose the most suitable shape for each individual. Their exact copies are made (these are the true skins) and arranged directly into the mouth of the patient and that way determine the optimal position compared to the features of the whole face. 

Denta Consult is one of the few clinics here which applies the SKYN concept in its practice. Our team has received specific training from its founder – the Brazilian dental technician and dentist Paulo Kano and already has a number of completed cases. 

What are the advantages of the SKYN concept?

  • Natural and yet natural – The artificial symmetry can be seen with the naked eye. Copying the anatomy of the real teeth SKYNs copy some small imperfections which however are of great significance for the restored teeth to look well, without being visible that there is a correction.
  • Digital, fast and precise – The technique of traditional imprint materials is replaced with extremely precise digital imprint. Denta Consult is the only clinic working with a special technique for copying the anatomy of the natural teeth which allows them to be made directly here - in our own dental laboratory. That way we save our patients a lot of time and money;
  • White, without being artificial – SKYN concept allows using lighter colours of the restored teeth without being evident that there was a medical intervention;
  • Largely applicable – SKYN concept can be used in almost all clinical cases. It is applied both for making veneers and crowns and for restorations on dental implants.



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