Digital Design smile

DSD: Digital Design smile

DSD or Digital Smile Design is a process in which after an analysis of the pictures and videos of the patient a detailed vision of its future smile is elaborated. The digital design is part of the treatment of patients who desire to achieve complete aesthetic change of their teeth.

Design, led by the whole face 

The way teeth are part of the smile, the smile is part of the face. They are all interconnected and dependent one on the other. Led by the shape and the features of the face, we can choose the ideal shape and position of the teeth in such a way that we achieve balance and harmony between them.   

The design is the first step of the planning. It lays the foundations of a functional treatment plan which combines biology, structure and function. The design helps with communication when intervention of different specialist is required – orthodontic treatment, treatment with dental implants or plastic surgery of soft tissue. All the treatment procedures are an integral part of one-single project: the future smile. 

Thanks to the design, the patients can get a real idea of how they will look like even before the treatment has started.



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