Dental crowns

Dental crowns

The crown is a prosthetic structure which completely covers the visible part of the tooth. There are indications for making dental crowns when a big part of the tooth missing and this weakens its function and creates a risk of losing it. A crown is also put in cases of caries which has destructed a significant part of the tooth; when creating a new design of the smile; when changing the position of a given tooth; as a part of a bridge structure; in case of dental implants. 

What is the role of dental crowns? 

The role of dental crowns is both functional and aesthetic.  It restores the chewing function of the tooth and helps for increasing its hardiness by completely covering it.

In what cases are dental crowns recommended?

  1. If big part of the tooth is missing and it cannot be restored with composite or another conservative method;
  2. When the tooth is broken because of a trauma, if the root is treated or the hardiness of the tooth is reduced;
  3. Over dental implant or when the tooth has to be included as an element of a bridge structure;
  4. As a part of the treatment of patients with dental  abrasion or bruxism (clenching and grinding teeth during sleep);
  5. When a change in the vertical correlation between the teeth is necessary. 

Which are the stages of making a dental crown?

The treatment always starts with planning. Putting dental crowns is a part of the complete treatment plan. In this plan it is assessed which teeth are necessary to have crowns and what material should the crowns be made of. Teeth which have once had a crown cannot be prosthesised in any other way but with a dental crown. Because of this the choice for putting a dental crown is always very careful and only when there are specific indications.

After planning the tooth is being prepared by taking away part of the enamel and the dentine. When the tooth is prepared an imprint of it is taken. The patient gets a temporary crown till the permanent one is ready. The temporary crown, apart from having an aesthetic function, serves for preserving the correlations between the teeth and protects the tissues around the restored tooth. 

Types of dental crowns 

  1. According to the material they are made of:
    • metal-ceramic – of precious or non-precious metal alloy;
    • ceramic – pressed, milled or baked of feldspar ceramics.
  2. According to the way of making it:
    • hand-made by a dental technician;
    • cut with the help of a milling machine CAD-CAM.

Depending on the specific indications, the dentist in charge shall offer you a kind of a crown to have put.   

Frequently asked questions:

When is putting a crown necessary?

When the structure of the teeth is compromised or when prosthesising of dental implant is required.

Will I be without teeth while the permanent crown is being made?

A temporary crown will be put on the tooth.

Is a special maintenance necessary after putting dental crowns?

Teeth which have crowns feel the same way as natural teeth and do not require more special maintenance and hygiene than the usual.

Can an already put crown be removed and another kind of prosthesising done?

Once put a crown can be replaced again only with a dental crown.

What is the price of the examination and consultation in Denta Consult?

The initial examination and consultation cost BGN 50.00.

Is there a difference in the price of the different types of crowns?

Yes, there is a significant difference. The price varies between BGN 460 and BGN 800 depending on the used material and the way of manufacture.

How to choose which material is the most suitable?

Depending on the case and the indications the dentist in charge shall chose and recommend which material is the most suitable for you.

Is there any food which should be avoided when I have a dental crown?

It is not necessary to avoid certain types of food. You can observe the same eating habits like with your natural teeth.

What is the life expectancy of one crown?

A well-designed crown combined with good oral hygiene and regular prophylactic examinations can have life of up to 20 years.



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