Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers are one of the options for aesthetic treatment in which through minimal invasion improvement of the shape, colour and harmony of the teeth is achieved. If your desire is to have more balanced, whiter or just different smile, dental veneers are the ideal solution for you. Although they are very delicate and fragile, they become extremely resistant and solid after being adhered to the tooth enamel.  When the smile is to be restored using veneers the patient can choose their colour and the change will be permanent.

DSD - Digital Smile Design

The smile is an emotion, expressed through the face. Because of this its design always starts with an analysis of the features of the whole face. Only in that way we can determine the ideal position, size and shape of the teeth as well as restore the balance and the harmony between them. The digital design gives us possibility to simulate the future smile so you can see how you will look like even before the treatment has started. 

Frequently asked questions:

What are the stages of the treatment with veneers?

The first step is an examination, after which planning of the future smile is made with the help of digital design (DSD). What comes next is the preparation of the teeth – taking away minimum part of their surface and taking an imprint. The final step is adhering of the ceramic veneers by following a strict adhesive protocol. From this point on the veneers and the tooth become as one.

What does teeth preparation mean? What part of the surface is taken away?

The preparation of the teeth for ceramic veneers consist of the minimum taking away (between 0,2 and 0,5 mm) of the upper layer of the teeth – the enamel.

What is adhering of the veneers?

Ceramic veneers are adhered to the teeth by following a strict adhesive protocol. That way their resistance is guaranteed.

Is special maintenance necessary after putting veneers? What happens if a tooth with a veneer on gets affected?

Teeth with ceramic veneers on look and feel the way natural teeth feel. They do not require more specific maintenance and hygiene than the one of the natural teeth. The treatment is carried out like in natural teeth.

How many veneers are necessary for me to have a new smile?

Depending on how wide the smile of the individual patient is in order to make a complete change of its visible part, we have to put between 8 and 10 veneers.

Do ceramic veneers change in colour with time?

Veneers do not get darker and do not colour.

What is the price of the examination and consultation in Denta Consult?

The initial examination and consultation is BGN 50.00.

What is the price of the ceramic veneers?

The price of 1 ceramic veneer in Denta Consult is BGN 800.00.

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