Imaging and case planning

Why imaging is important about case planning

·         Taking photos gives us possibility to create a digital archive for the condition of the patients. That is how we trace in detail each situation and can provide higher quality of dental treatment.

·         Making videos – we seal the smile in its dynamics and make video stimulation of how the patient would look like in the end of the treatment.

·         With the information, gathered from the photos and videos we make a detailed analysis of the face and teeth arrangement after which we make a treatment plan.

·         The next step is called Digital Smile Design or digital design of the smile. After we have taken pictures of the face and jaws we create a virtual and later on a wax project in a dental laboratory. That way each patient can see themselves with their future smile even before the real treatment has started.

·         X-ray planning – used mainly in implantology and before surgical interventions. The method is known as 3D x-ray study of the bone. Cone Beam Computer Tomography gives us information about the thickness and the width of the bone as well as about the location of important anatomic structures like maxillary sinuses and mandibular nerve canal which the big neurovascular bundle passes through. This is of significance for the correct planning before putting the implant and it gives us information about the necessity of additional surgical manipulations for improving the volume of the bone.