Dental implants can completely replace natural teeth. The role of implants is to restore function and aesthetics in cases where one or more teeth are missing.
Dental implant treatment is the modern way to build your self-esteem, rejuvenation, and workability in shortest biological terms.
Denta Consult offers alternative treatments for implants depending on your individual budget.
About Denta Consult
The professional solutions for treatment and human treatment of patients in Dent Consult are the result of the correlation between the older dental industry's moral value system and the innovations that are continually being introduced by the second generation of specialists. Our biggest capital is the team of professionals that we have educated and gathered for you "in one team" in one place. All of them are deeply convinced that they give you the best of world news and their own because they sincerely believe they can make you healthier, smoother and happier!
The activity of Denta Consult is based on high-tech established standards and modern science in dentistry.
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In 2003 the famous professor and father of modern dental implantology Ingvar Brånemark from Gothenburg, Sweden, declared: “It is a shame in the XXI century people to go to bed in the evening with their teeth sitting in a glass of water”.

The modern trend for treatment using dental implants is based on using the fewest possible number of implants. For example: with 6 implants optimally 12 teeth can be reconstructed. A prerequisite for this is there to be possibility for the implants to be implanted in the so called functional center – the first molar of the patient which in many cases is not possible.

зъбни импланти


Why imaging is important about case planning:

  • Taking photos gives us possibility to create a digital archive for the condition of the patients. That is how we trace in detail each situation and can provide higher quality of dental treatment.
  • Making videos – we seal the smile in its dynamics and make video stimulation of how the patient would look like in the end of the treatment.
  • With the information, gathered from the photos and videos we make a detailed analysis of the face and teeth arrangement after which we make a treatment plan.



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